Leonie's Art Workshop
Hello, I am Leonie, I am an Artist from Munich, Germany, recently graduated from the Royal Academy of Arts in Den Haag.
At the Art School, I learned to work with all sorts of Materials and Disciplines. Now, in my beautiful Studio in Den Haag, I find myself rediscovering painting, working with textile and colour.

In the past two years I have been giving art workshops in an institution in Luxembourg called Cooperations. I have taught children at the ages 5 to 12 years old and adults with mental disabilities. Together with my partner, we created wonderful installations, using willow tree, textile, cardboard, wood etc. I enjoyed these short time courses very much and I am now curious to offer workshops for children in my Atelier.
4x 3 Hour Sessions in groups of max.5 children
45 Euros per session, including tax and materials
= 180 Euros in total
All children at the ages: 6 - 10 years old
I teach in the Languages: English, German and basic Dutch
The workshop will take place in July 2019

Lets pick the dates together
For signing up and arranging the dates, just write me an email or call:

I have been living in the Netherlands for nearly 5 years and studied my whole time here at an international Academy, where we only spoke English therefore my Dutch is at a basic level, I can understand a lot but preferably always speak in English or German.
The amount can be payed all at once or in 4 times
Possible Dates:
Within the workshop sessions, the children and I will create a story line and visualise it through the use of materials, such as colour, willow tree, cardboard or textile. The imagination and curiosity of the children will be the source for the sculptures and paintings produced within the workshop.
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My Artist Atelier:
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The outcome will be presented at my atelier for family and friends to visit.